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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Wooden Flooring Trends so far in 2017

From time to time we have a look at where flooring trends are heading this year.

For the first 6 Months of 2017 it has been a little bit strange with the country opting to exit the EU, along with the political uncertainty within UK Politics coupled with the fact that the news are constantly subjecting us to a barrage of negativity the customer appears to be tightening their purse strings.

However there are a few products that appear to be bucking the trend in the wood flooring market.

Rustic oak 150mm Classic

Quickstep Lino

In June we had an offer on a very Rustic Engineered Hardwood Flooring Board. This Engineered flooring board has a very rustic Grade BCDE big knots splits shakes are all included in the natural look of this engineered board. We were selling this product out at £24.00 Per Square Meter including Vat which was an absolute bargain in a market which is seeing increases on a month by month basis. Stock on this product is down to the last 30m2. I think that the speed with which we sold this product was down firstly to price and secondly to the fact that only now really rustic wooden floors are becoming fashionable.

Is grey flooring here to stay ?

Rustic Oak FlooringLaminate Flooring


At the beginning of the year i browsed through the new quickstep engineered wooden and laminate flooring ranges wondering who was going to buy them as everything was grey. They removed a large number of the more traditional narrow less rustic designs and transplanted them with grey rustic boards, after a good grumble I reluctantly decided that time will tell when it came to the new designs.

I stand to eat my words grey has now become the new must have flooring colour in 2017 ?

I still feel that grey floors have got the potential to be a passing phase in the wooden flooring market however in the short term they are gaining momentum and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.


Vinyl Flooring

Again being a man who has a cup that is generally half empty, I was sceptical on another supplier certainty. We were informed by our suppliers that Vinyl click wood flooring designs were here to stay and growing in popularity month on month.  Well I hate to say it but the manufacturers were correct not only is Vinyl becoming more popular but so also are the Grey Rustic Lino products.


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