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Friday, 4 May 2018

Composite & PVC Decking Designs for the Summer Season

Composite Decking Design installed by our customers in 2017 - 2018

With Summer upon us I have decided to put together images of Decking projects that have been installed throughout 2017 – 2018.

It is surprising what you can do with the various different decking products that are now available all it takes is a quality tradesman and a good eye for garden design.


1. PVC Decking

PVC Decking


This is a PVC Decking board cut and designed in a hexagonal shape the colour is Graphite it has a 20 year warranty and is fully anti-slip. It is more expensive than conventional wooden decking boards however from a maintenance viewpoint all that is required is a clean off and wash at the beginning of the season. This decking board option is the cheapest in our range don’t be put off as it is a really good quality PVC decking board.


2. Trex Decking

Trex DeckingComposite Deck



The next product that we are highlighting is Trex with a boarder of Tiki torch with a Spiced Rum decking board inserted in to the centre. There are also lights inserted on the perimeter of the decking board I have to be honest this deck looks amazing. These composite decking boards are available in Solid & Tongue and grooved and are fitted using a hidden clip, also available in this board is a unique circular bending option. From a cost point of view Trex decking is somewhere in the middle.


3. Millboard Decking

Wooden Decking


This is a vintage Oak millboard decking board design. The board is staggered so that waste isn’t an issue. This product is screwed to the frame where the head of the screw is closed over by the unique make up of the board. Millboard is a premium product it is beautiful however it does come at a cost this composite board is the most expensive board that you are likely to come across.


4. Timeless Timber Decking

Millboard Decking


Still a firm favourite with a lot of our customers is wooden decking. Yes you do have to stay on top of wooden decking from a maintenance point of view however the cost of wooden decking is far less than the composite and PVC alternatives. This Decking shows what can be done with a Sunburst panel and a wooden Timeless decking board.


If you require any further information on Composite or Wooden decking give us a call on Swansea( 01792 ) 884828 or visit our decking design and display centre at our Swansea South Wales Depot. We also offer a Decking design service where we can work out your decking plan for you just bring it in to us and let us do the rest.

Trex Decking Video

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Monday, 19 March 2018

D G Heath New Composite Decking

New Composite Decking Boards 2018

Its been a long winter one which we will be glad to see coming to an end with this in mind we have been preparing new decking products to launch for Spring 2018, generally throughout the winter months I spend a large portion of my time looking at new products & current trends along with contacting all of our suppliers to see if there are any new innovative design ideas that will improve our ranges in 2018.

Trex Torino Brown Decking

Trex Composite Decking

Building on the success that we had with Trex Composite decking in 2017 we have decided to increase our Composite decking range to include Trex contour Torino brown we will be stocking in a Tongue and Grooved and a solid Design deck board. This range is slightly cheaper than the Transcend range that we currently stock and is currently available in 3.66 Metre Lengths

Trex Contour Torino brown ( Product specification )

Product Specification

  • Thickness 25mm
  • Width 140mm
  • Length 3.66 Metre
  • Nominal Size

Advantages of composite Decking

  • Low Slip Rating
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to maintain
  • 10 Year Commercial warranty
  • 25 Year Residential Warranty
  • Resistant to Fade, Stain, Rot & Splitting

Composite decking so far

As a whole in 2017 the feedback has been really positive on composite decking, the new designs are proving really popular and we hope to be able to build on last years sales. If I am forced to find negative in the product it would be that it is far more expensive that conventional decking. Also customers have to understand that it is a manufactured plastic decking product so even though it looks really good it will never be able to completely replicate solid wood.

What customers love about Composite & PVC Decking

There are two main reasons why customers are purchasing composite decking rather than traditional wooden decking the first is that composite decking requires very little maintenance and secondly composite decking generally isn’t as slippery when it is wet.

For further information on a wide range of composite decking products visit our extensive Composite Decking display area in Pontardulais Swansea South Wales. Alternatively visit our Website at www.dgheath.co.uk or call our dedicated sales team on Swansea 01792 8848287.


The information about D G Heath New Composite Decking appeared first on DG Heath.