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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Decking Article Part 2

Garden Wood & Composite Decking Article Part 2

Part one of the Decking article concentrated solely on Wooden decking boards and the various options that were currently available within the UK market.

Alternative Decking products ?

There are however a number of alternatives to wooden decking now available, increasing in popularity and driven by Low maintenance and Low slip attributes, COMPOSITE AND PVC decking products have made their way onto the shelves of the Decking retailers.

The main advantages are as follows

  • Increased Slip resistance.
  • Relatively Low Maintenance.
  • High level of durability.

Hollow Composite Decking

  1. The 1st product that we have tested became available roughly ten years ago it is branded as a “ Hollow composite Decking board “.

Hollow Composite Decking


The verdict on hollow composite decking

When the hollow composite decking board became available it was a fantastic alternative to conventional wooden decking boards with good esthetics, easy installation and relatively low maintenance. However one issue that soon became apparent with this particular type of hollow decking is the fact that it excessively expands and contracts on both the width and the length of the boards.

Whilst still a good alternative to wooden decking it is felt that there are a number of superior products in this price bracket, hollow composite decking has become a little bit dated.



( Highest Rating 10 Lowest Rating 0 ) 

Cost Effective      6

Aesthetics            8

Slip Rating           6

Maintenance        6

Durability              5


Overall                  31




  1. The 2nd product that I have come across and had experience with over the last year or two is the contemporary PVC Decking range.

รข€‹Plastic Decking



Our opinion of PVC Decking

PVC Decking has proven to be an excellent alternative to the hollow composite decking with very little expansion and contraction it more than fits the bill. In roughly the same price bracket the PVC contemporary decking range offers a lot more, with excellent anti-slip rating and very low maintenance. If I could pick any issues with the PVC deck boards I would say that esthetically this product does not give a wooden plank appearance and therefore will only satisfy those looking for a more contemporary look and feel.



( Highest Rating 10 Lowest Rating 0 ) 

Cost Effective       7

Aesthetics             8

Slip Rating            10

Maintenance       10

Durability             8


Overall                  43


     3. The next product that we are comparing is a composite Decking board manufactured by an American company the product is branded as a Trex Composite Decking board. Trex is marketed as a Premium Composite decking product.

Trex Solid Composite Decking

Our opinion on Trex Decking

We have displayed Trex in our display centre in Swansea South Wales for a number of years. The product stands up in more ways than one and does exactly what it claims to do . It looks good, it is easy to maintain and needs very little upkeep. Trex as a manufacturer has been developing this brand of Wood decking alternatives for over 20 years. Hence they are able to offer a 25 year Trex Limited Warranty in all residentiai areas with 10 years commercialy.

If there was one negative aspect related to the Trex product it would be the increased cost. The boards work out around twenty percent more expensive than their PVC counterparts. 



( Highest Rating 10 Lowest Rating 0 ) 


Cost Effective      5

Aesthetics            10

Slip Rating            8

Maintenance       10

Durability             10


Overall                  43


For further information on the Decking products highlighted in this article give us a call on Swansea ( 01792 ) 884828. Or alternatively call down to our Composite decking display centre in Swansea South Wales. ( Junction 48 off M4 Llanelli Turnoff ). Or visit our website at www.dgheath.co.uk

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