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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How to Anti-slip your Decking

Handy Garden Decking Tips for 2017

The most effective way to make your garden decking slip resistant.

During winter months wooden decking is prone to becoming slippery under foot especially in wet or icy conditions. I have recently come across a product that offers a solution in the form of an Anti – slip decking grip.

This product is designed to be inserted and glued into the groove of the wooden decking board.

Anti slip decking strips

Characteristics & Tips when fitting Anti Slip Decking Strips

  • The product is packaged in a 25m kit form with an adhesive the deck strips are suitable for the majority of grooved decking boards.
  • After sampling the grip strips we found that they were relatively easy to fit, however we advise using an old wood saw as the hard resin based surface on the deck – grip will damage your blade.
  • Grooves need to be cleaned prior to application of  the adhesive.
  • The Anti-slip decking strips have been given a five year manufacturers warranty they are fully tested and approved.
  • They are suitable to both domestic and commercial projects and are more often than not used in high use areas such as walkways and areas around hot tubs. 

So what does the manufacturer say

Uniquely developed to create a professional anti-slip decking product, the inserts comprise of a universally shaped plastic T bar that holds a resin and aggregate formulation. When fixed into a deck board groove using the specially formulated adhesive, the insert sits a little proud of the timber deck and provides a reassuring grip. It is usual to apply the inserts to two grooves in each decking board for maximum effectiveness.

Once your timber decking has had the Anti-Slip inserts fitted, you can use it just as you intended. Standard tools will cut these anti-slip decking boards easily, giving you total flexibility with your measurements. Many of our customers have particularly remarked how easy they found it to use, compared to any other non-slip decking boards, saving both time and money.

The Anti-Slip decking is suitable for grooved composite decking in addition to timber decking. Composite decking can also become very slippery when damp or dirty and you can add the anti-slip strips to ensure that it is much safer for those that use it, whatever the weather.

Our opinion of the Anti-Slip Decking Grip strip

  • This product does exactly what it claims to do. It will offer slip – resistance to existing or new wooden decking.
  • If I had to be critical I would say that it would be very difficult and expensive to slip proof a very large deck so my advice would be to only apply the inserts on to the main walkways.
  • Also only apply the strips in the dry as otherwise they are likely to work loose.
  • This product comes a close second place to purchasing a new slip resistant deck board however the strips do give you the option of slip proofing your existing deck.

We will be posting articles over the next couple of months leading up to the decking season on Anti-Slip decking products that are available, along with relevant information on product Cost, Durability and overall performance.


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