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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Madrid Wooden Fencing Panels

The future of Fencing Panel Design

Fence Panel Wooden Fencing

Todays article is concentrating on one specific type of garden fencing panel. Customers continually walk into our fencing design centre in Swansea South Wales requesting information on the various wooden fencing products that are available on the market. Fencing Trends change and new innovative fencing products are constantly being manufactured to cater for the change in preference of the consumer.

Wooden Fencing not only acts as a barrier between neighbouring properties it can also help bring the garden together encompassing beauty whilst also serving a practical purpose. One fence panel that has increased significantly in popularity over the past year is a fencing panel called the Madrid.

Continental Fence Panels

Whilst a number of the continental fence panel designs are aimed at beauty rather than practicality the Madrid is slightly different. Whilst being aesthetically very pleasing to the eye it also has the added benefit of offering a high degree of privacy and strength compared to its European counterparts which generally come with trellis hence reducing privacy. The Madrid is a solid Fence Panel designed in a chevron effect which meets down the centre of the panel to give a herringbone effect also the Panel is stainless steel screwed.

Fencing Durability

Remember this particular fencing will not withstand Footballs being kicked against it or excited children climbing over the top as if it were a park climbing frame.  However this panels will withstand strong winds due to its unique design whereby the boards are offset against each other to allowing the wind to blow straight through hence reducing the risk of damage.


Overall Ratings

Our score on this particular fencing are as follows –


STRENGTH                                    7 out of 10

AESTHETICS                                  9 out of 10

PRICE / VALUE                             8 out of 10                                      

PRIVACY                                        9 out of 10

Overall Rating                                 83 %


Our rating suggests that this particular Wooden fencing panel design is made with appearance in mind. Whilst it is fairly robust it will not withstand the pressure or day to day abuse of a feather edge of a hit and miss fence. A good option if you are looking for something beautiful and a little bit different.

The information about Madrid Wooden Fencing Panels appeared first on DG Heath.

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