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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Timber Processing From the Log to the Home


Timber Processing From the Log to the Home


The harvesting and processing of timber is not an easy task. It requires thorough inspection by foresters followed by a comprehensive harvest plan. This harvest plan has to get approval from the right governing authority. Once approval has been given, the trees are cut and sent to a Timber sawmill for further processing. Timber can sit for some time in a sawmill at this point the timber is still classed as standing or felled. There are a wide variety of timber products and wood species available in the UK Market. 

Characteristics of Wood

Different Woods tend to have noticeably different types of grain pattern and structure along with colour these characteristics tend to differentiate timber species and quality. If the texture is porous and open it is from softwood whereas smooth tight structures are generally from hardwood . One other area that is often considered important is the the dryness of the wood along with its overall weight this area will help you identify the amount of moisture content it has. There are numerous other tests performed on the wood to know its species and background. But a layman can be easily fooled.


Why Buy from a local Wood Sawmills or timber merchant

  • By purchasing your Timber from a quality sawmills or timber merchant they will provide you with the best quality of timber products usually Ranging from Wooden Flooring, fencing, decking, ironmongery, timber cladding to Solid Oak Skirting architrave and larger green Oak Orders.
  • Quite often a timber merchant will also provide a timber cutting service. Generally If you have sheets of timber they can be cut for you as and when required.
  • Wood grading on the wood, depending upon the type of end product required is offered by a number of Timber merchants. This means that the grade specifies how the wood can be used for making different structures.
  • Select grade, standard grade and character grade are the different types of grading for marking the woods. They are used to identify quality graded timber. Within a timber merchant business you quite often will get the best quality timber products.
  • You will generally receive the correct advice bespoke to suit your design project.


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