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Monday, 27 June 2016

Why Choose a Laminate Floor


Laminate Flooring


To put it in simple terms, a laminate floor is a photocopy of a real wooden floor board. Laminate Flooring is designed to look and feel like real wood or solid wood flooring.


So why would I purchase a laminate floor instead of more traditional wooden floors ? There are a number of reasons why you may decide to purchase a laminate floor.

Reasons to Purchase a laminate Floor

  • Cost – Laminate Floors are a lot cheaper to purchase than Wood or engineered floor boards.
  • Movement – laminate floors are not so prone to movement ( Expansion & Contraction )with changes in climate.
  • Durability – Good quality Laminate Floors are less likely mark or scratch as the surface of the boards is a lot harder than you traditional solid wooden floors.  A wooden floor is only as hard as the product that it is manufactured out of. Pine floors are particularly prone to marks and scratches.
  • Design – There are a wide variety of different styles of Laminate flooring available on the market.
  • Fitting – Good quality Laminate floors are very easy to fit together. Make sure that you check first as certain laminates can be very difficult to fit ( look at reviews online or better still ask a fitter).
  • Maintenance – Easy to maintain.
  • Changes – A good quality laminate floor generally will not change colour with age.

My opinion of Laminate floors

As an individual who has played an active role in the Uk flooring industry for over 20 Years my opinion of Laminate flooring is very favourable.

A good quality laminate floor will offer high durability and outstanding aesthetic design in a number of different locations within the home. I find it difficult to pick any significant problems with good quality laminate flooring however If I am to be critical for the sake of this article I would say that from time to time customers do mention that it is slightly colder underfoot than Solid Wood or Engineered Timber.

Make sure that it is a decent quality Laminate Floor that you are considering as I have heard some horror stories on poor quality laminates.

If you require any further information on Laminate flooring or what we would recommend please feel free to give us a call at our Swansea Depot South Wales on ( 01792 ) 884828 and ask for Dean.

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